The longer that we grow plants, the more we understand the value of soil. Because of this respect for quality soil, we blend our own materials together to create a special and unique product that plants love. Soil needs to have nutrients, be light weight, drain water yet retain moisture, and have as few weeds as possible.


After creating a product that we determined worked well for the wide variety of plants that we grow, we continued with the recipe for all of our containered plants and started selling to the public.


Customers are buying our soil and having great luck growing as well. Many folks are using our soil in raised vegetable gardens, flower beds, and adding around the root ball of their newly purchased plants they're planting in their yards.  


We sell our potting soil blend two ways:

*$35 per yard (2 tractor buckets worth) - We load your truck or trailer

*$5 per bag - approximately 30 - 40 lbs


We also sell worm castings. This is an organic fertilizer thats one of the best available. You can grow directly in it or use to top dress your plants.

1 gallon $7

50 pounds $40 


Call about delivery options